2018 SLL Calendar Raffle Guidelines

Special prize for the team that sells the most calendars

Updated Monday April 16, 2018 by Stan Dorsey.

Upon registering your player(s), each family is automatically issued three calendar raffle tickets. Families can choose to sell or keep their three calendars.

If you choose to keep your calendar, there is no need to submit calendar stubs and contact info, as all three calendars for each family are automatically entered into the raffle database. If you choose to sell any of the calendars, please notify Emily Speakman at emilyspeakman23@gmail.com (those names will be placed into the database, instead).

We also encourage you to purchase more calendars to increase your odds of winning or to sell tickets to friends and family. Extra calendars are $10 each and can be obtained from your team’s manager (as many as you’d like). This year, we are offering a prize to the team that sells the most calendar raffle tickets (1-hour jump passes for each player at Launch and pizza for a “team bonding” outing).  

All calendar holders have the chance to win a monetary prize, ranging from $30-$500. A drawing will be held each day in May and winners will be announced via the Smithfield Little League Facebook page.