UpdatedWednesday January 13, 2021 bySLL.

Smithfield Little League is governed by a Constitution and bylaws that are reviewed each year.  

The Board of Directors (BOD) is the governing body of the League. All rules, regulations, disputes, and affairs of the league will be vested in the BOD. The BOD approves such decisions by a majority vote. At no time shall a BOD member vote on a question directly involving a team he/she manages or coaches. The BOD includes the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Coaches Coordinator, Equipment Officer, Safety Officer, Player Agent, and League Information Officer. Lou Dinoble, Bob Salisbury, and Reynolds Lillibridge are lifetime members of the BOD. The remainder of the BOD will  be determined by general election. The BOD will serve a one year term, commencing on October 1st. Officers will be elected annually by BOD membership. A minimum of seven BOD members must be present to vote on any league affair.

2020-21 SLL Bylaws
2020-21 SLL Constitution