6.26.2014: A Reminder on Proper Field Decorum

UpdatedWednesday January 7, 2015 bySLL.

A reminder that Little League is a children's sport for children and there are young children around the field during both practices and games. Smithfield Little League has zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct. Umpires will be instructed to eject spectators, parents, coaches and managers from fields for any inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior which includes (but not limited to) foul language, taunting of players, arguing with umpire rulings, etc.  There will be no warnings issued; ejections will be immediate. 

As we move into All-Star and tournament games this is especially important.  Our teams (which includes parents, grandparents, coaches and managers) are representing our league and it is imperative that we act appropriately both for home and away games. The District has already sent a warning out to league presidents that there will be a zero tolerance policy for such actions during All-Star games.