A Division Rules

2015 Season

UpdatedMonday April 26, 2021 bySLL.

A Division Rules

  1. Michael Guilfoyle is the Division Moderator
  2. All players should be on the field when on defense.  Players should be moved around and play both infield and outfield positions.  (It is recommended to have two defensive Coaches on the field to teach positioning and defensive responsibilities. Keep your pitchers on the mound and infielders at the edge of the infield grass. Constantly reinforce the 3 B's of defense)
  3. This is a Coach Pitch Division.  Coaches should be pitching from about halfway between the mound and the plate. (Encourage Coaches to practice pitching so that the players get good pitches and the pace of the game keeps moving. Pitch from a knee or sitting on a bucket about 6 or 7 yards (steps) from the plate. Players should get used to seeing the ball at the arm angle they will get when facing other kids.)
  4. Teams should hit with a continuous batting order.  A team's at bat ends when either 3 outs are recorded or a team has batted through the order once. (We want to reward a team for playing defense, if they make 3 outs they get to hit. An out is any force play or tag at any base [including, after the 3rd game, if a player over runs 2nd or 3rd] or any catch, there will be no strikeouts or use of the infield fly rule)
  5. Batters must wear a helmet with a face guard.
  6. If a ball is hit to the outfield, an extra base is permissible after 3rd game played.
  7. There is no stealing or bunting.
  8. If after 5 or 6 pitches by a coach in which the batter has swung and missed, soft toss or a batting tee should be used.(Keep the action moving)
  9. A game is over two hours from the start of a game.  NO INNING may start after 1 hr. 45 minutes has passed from the start of the game.

Guide for Coaching – (A) Division(Coach Pitch)
Coaching and Teaching Concepts

  • Teach from a 6/7 year olds mental, emotional, and physical perspective;
  • Set realistic expectations;
  • Have an infinite amount of patience;
  • Players at this age have limited brain development regarding their ability to track a flying object. Keep this in mind when playing catch activities. Focus on player actions, rather than results. At this stage Managers/Coaches are “developing the fundamentals” for future results (maybe months or years)
  • There is nothing more rewarding for a Coach than watching a group of kids grow over the years and develop into ballplayers. Enjoy!
  • This is a non-competitive division. The players will keep the score in their heads, but please remind your Coaches and Parents to keep their competitiveness in check. It’s a child's game, let them play!
  • Don’t let assistants hover over their own children.