Majors Division Rules

UpdatedMonday April 16, 2018 bySLL.

  1. All 2018 Little League Baseball Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies (Green Book) rules are in effect.
  2. Managers and coaches must remain in the dugout during the game unless coaching a base. Only a manager may appeal a call. Appeals must be made immediately before the next play begins.
  3. Four hit batsman in any one game by any one pitcher shall cause for the immediate removal of said pitcher.
  4. A continuous batting order shall be used for all games.
  5. Smithfield Little League has adopted the third strike rule. The rule only applies when first base is unoccupied OR there are two outs. Once a batter either looks at strike three or swings and misses at strike three and the ball is either not caught or dropped by the catcher, the batter becomes a runner and can attempt to make it to first base before either being tagged by the catcher or thrown out at first base.
  6. Games reports must be submitted within 12 hours of the end of the game. Failure to submit a game report will result in an immediate suspension of 2 games.
  7. Pitch count Rules:
    1. 11-12 year olds, 85 pitches per day
    2. 9-10 year olds, 75 pitches per day
  8. A pitcher who reaches a day of rest threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher will only be required to observe the required day(s) of rest threshold s/he reached during that at-bat PROVIDED the pitcher does not face another batter.
  9. All players present in uniform must enter each game in an active role (except base coaching) by the start of the 2nd inning. No player shall sit (occupy a bench position) for more than 2 non-consecutive innings during any regulation game. Defensive substitutions are prohibited during an inning.
    1. During the regular season, if a player cannot bat due to illness or injury, an out will not be charged to the team
    2. During the regular season, players who are not present when the first pitch is thrown are added to the bottom of the order regardless of when they arrive at the field.
  10. Slash bunting is prohibited.
  11. There is NO Ten run rule (Rule – 4.10(e))
  12. No inning in any division will begin after 8:00 p.m. Majors, AAA, Juniors, and Senior games played on and after June 1st may continue until 8:15 p.m. after which no inning may begin. An inning begins at the time the final out of the previous inning is recorded. It is the umpire’s decision to stop a game for safety purposes (darkness or inclement weather).
  13. A complete game in AAA and Majors shall be three (3) innings or two and one-half (2 ½) innings if the home team is ahead.
  14. After entering the batter’s box, the batter must remain in the box with at least one foot throughout the at-bat.
    1. Exceptions
      1. On a swing, slap, or check swing.
      2. When forced out of the box by a pitch.
      3. When the batter attempts a “drag bunt”
      4. When the catcher does not catch the pitched ball.
      5. When a play has been attempted.
      6. When time has been called.
      7. When the pitcher leaves the dirt area of the pitching mound or takes a position more than five feet from the pitcher’s plate after receiving the ball or the catcher leaves the catcher’s box.
      8. On a three-ball count pitch that is a strike that the batter thinks is a ball.