Smithfield Little League Elects New Leadership for 2016 Season

UpdatedFriday September 18, 2015 bySLL.

Sept. 17, 2015 – Smithfield Little League today announced those individuals elected to the League’s 2016 Board of Directors, including five new members.  The Board is the governing body of the League and is comprised of individuals who are committed to providing a memorable baseball experience for Smithfield youth.

"The success of Smithfield Little League is dependent upon the many volunteers who find time in their busy schedules to do their part to support youth baseball in Smithfield,” said League President Shane Moore. “The League is fortunate to have the collective wisdom of many selfless individuals who, for no compensation, utilize their talents to ensure that Smithfield kids are provided an opportunity to play baseball. On behalf of Smithfield Little League players and families, I would like to welcome the new members to the Board and thank those who have served on the 2015 Board for their tireless efforts to support the kids of Smithfield.”

The general membership of Smithfield Little League gathered at the Portuguese American Club Tuesday evening, Sept. 15, to elect the League’s 2016 Board.  

The members elected to serve a one-year term include:  Shane Moore, President; Mark Graham, Vice-President; Pat McAssey, Treasurer; Michael Guilfoyle, Player Agent; Charlie Kando, Equipment Manager; Dan Snowman*, Recording Secretary/ Sunshine Fund Coordinator; Steve Quattrini*, Coaches Coordinator; Ralph Boudreau, Tournament Director; Kevin Bourque, Fundraising; David Antunes, Sponsors; Keith Greene, Umpire-In-Chief; Stan Dorsey*, Information Officer; Amy Antunes*, Concessions; and Chris Sparadeo*, Equipment Manager/ Upper Division Coordinator. (New members identified with an asterisk.)

The Board also includes lifetime members Lou DiNoble, Reynolds Lillibridge and Bob Salisbury.

Smithfield Little League expresses its appreciation to the following Board members whose combined years of service have contributed to the growth of youth baseball Smithfield: Bob Bowker, Jay Corrigan, Adam Gran, Jay Kennedy and David Placido.

All rules, regulations, disputes and affairs of the League are managed and regularly reviewed by the Board. The Board approves all matters by a majority vote, however, at no time is a Board member permitted to vote on a proposal directly involving a team he or she manages or coaches.  A minimum of seven members must be present to vote on League matters.  The Board also appoints all regular season and post-season managers, coaches and umpires from a list of those volunteers who have expressed interest in volunteering.